Friday, October 12, 2007


i've started jogging/walking again. let's see if this lasts more than 2 outings this time.

i also finally copied all my songs from my ipod to my itunes; the ipod is 3 and half years old and is still working. i don't want to jinx myself though. anyway, i've been procrastinating, putting off uploading the songs for so long--i'm just so relieved. i used PodWorks--was only $8 to download, and worked great. i know i know, i probably could have found one for free--but this one had no problems at all. 20 some gigs were copied over in about 2 hours. under the supervision of the nephew and myself.

i also ordered wedding bands today. i've been going back and forth between palladium and platinum. platinum is so much more. i know most of the diffs, but i really have no problem with ordering palladium to save several hundred bucks. the fiance got platinum, which is cool. i have another ring, my grandma's, i'll wear most of the time. it's quite old and delicate though, so i'll have the palladium to wear during treacherous events like--queuing. and bagging my groceries. and other british hazards.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


so, it's all set. i've booked the vegas chapel. decided no on elvis as officiant, and we're still working out where we can get a little elvis into the ceremony without being tacky.

i'm heading south to cowtown in the a.m. i haven't been there in way too long.