Monday, February 2, 2009

snow chaos recap

we spent our unexpected snow day off hanging around, playing in the snow, drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies. was brilliant!

i still can't believe that about a foot of snow actually closed down most of british transport, but you know, i won't complain today :) i'm wondering how the trains will be running tomorrow. i'm assuming delayed and with many headaches.

but hey ho, a photo journey of our walk down the river wey, toward arlington where we built our snowman.

meet the snow man

yes those are cadbury creme egg eyes. I miss my aunt kathy's solution--aunt charlotte's chocolate cookies! haha.

snow event scenario 2009

we got a whole lot of snow over night--in this, the great 'snow event scenario' of 2009*. enjoy the images! we really can't get to work--the trains are all canceled, no bus service in London and the Tube has 'severe disruptions.' My friend from Reykjavik--as a matter of national pride--is walking to work in London this a.m.!** I think I'll pass on the (according to google) 10 hour and 34 minute hike to the capital. and that's in non-snowy weather.
*according to BBC Radio 4
**I should say, Sigga lives in london, her hike is more like 5 hours and 17 minutes...

view of the back garden:
views from our bedroom window: