Friday, November 30, 2007

british cold number 1

well it took a week, but i have my first uk bug. it's nothing monumental, but i'm just expecting this to be the first of many. the last time i was here, i caught everything--was always sneezing with a sore throat. oh well.

i saw 'stardust' last night at the odeon in guildford. the odeon is like amc theaters in the states--overpriced. for an extra £1, you can sit in 'premium' seats--the seats are slightly larger. i'm told they're ideal because the speakers are directed at that 'premium' section. what a rip-off! i guess the odeon wasn't selling enough stale popcorn, so they had to make more money somehow. we sat in the schlep class, and we could see and hear just fine.

oh yeah, and the movie was good. kind of exactly what you'd expect if you've ever read a neil gaiman novel. funny and silly and well written.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


i've just applied for a job at google london. i think i'm all sorts of qualified, but regardless, just feels good to apply for a cool job with a resume and cover letter i'm proud of.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

week one

tomorrow marks the end of week one of my time in the UK. i can't believe how jet-lagged i still am! i've been falling asleep sometime around 5-6 a.m. london time. just can't get on local time. makes for a lethargic day full of catatonic internet browsing followed by a second wind which kicks in sometime around 9 p.m. lucky me.

i blame this on our trip over here. the flight was delayed to start with, and the flight crew was incredibly obnoxious. perhaps we only noticed this because we were sitting right next to them during take-off--listening to them loudly complain about all the passengers. they were just lame. so anyway, after a really long delay waiting for the crew to clean up the trays from dinner, the first round of drink carts rolled through the aisle. still have trays full of dinner wrappers, etc., and now we're full of cups and cans of beer. so immediately after the drink cart rolls on down, the woman in front of R slams her seat back--no slow recline--and manages to knock all of our beer all over us! it was really cold--we were soaked. the aforementioned woman doesn't so much as look behind to see what all the commotion was about. the flight crew apparently couldn't find a single towel for us to dry off with, so we literally stood there shivering for over an hour and half, waiting for my seat and our legs to dry, to no avail.

when i got to immigration control, the man immediately sent me away for a health examination before he'd let me into the country. i'm convinced he thought i was an alcoholic, due to the very potent booze smell. ah oh well. the woman passed me without an exam, and we eventually made it home for a 6 hour nap. granted, not the best way to initially deal with jet lag, but we had to.

moving on... i got my phone, and i was approved for a bank account today. woo! so, slowly, things are coming together.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


we got hitched! in vegas! a week ago...